I would love to discuss a custom project just for you. Please email me your project wishes and we can work it out together. Below are some helpful hints. The keys to loving a custom piece from Block Furniture:

  1. What are your desired dimensions? It’s best to offer this with a max/min range.
  2. What color tones do you like? Wood examples are blonde, ebony, reddish, blueish, etc. Metal examples are dark steel, polished steel, painted, etc.
  3. What’s your budget? This will effect types of wood and metal sourced for your project.
  4. Supply 2 or 3 picture samples of items you like. Tell me what you like about the sample pictures.
  5. BE FLEXIBLE AND OPEN!! All Block items are custom and unique. Items are NEVER an exact duplicate of previously made pieces. All Block items are ARTWORK. When you commission an artist, you need to trust their design abilities. Let the artist create you something amazing!

Beyond the design of your items, we will also discuss the build time frame, delivery / freight options, and any other details related to your project. I hope to hear from you soon.